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Anonymous asked:

Any musicals that make you cry?

Holy hell, yes!

Next to Normal (for obvious reasons…)

Fiddler on the Roof (My sister played Chava when she was a freshmen in high school, and I bawl every time at the “Chava Sequence”. The ending too)

Sweeney Todd (Not really about the plot, but the music moves me. So beautiful…I LOVE “My Friends” and “Epiphany”, they get me going)

Blood Brothers (Obvious reasons…)

Once (Beautiful story. So great)

Cabaret (The ending when the emcee is like “even the orchestra is beautiful!” and there’s no orchestra, just an empty stage. The entire second act kind of builds up and it’s so emotional)


Anonymous asked:

Why are you obsessed with Minneapolis?

How am I NOT obsessed with Minneapolis???

1. Voted the 3rd best theatre city in the nation (behind only NYC and Chicago)

2. There’s something for EVERYONE - the urban downtown feel, lakes, parks, waterfalls, cutesy uptown stores and neighborhoods…

3. Public transportation - the light rail is frickin’ AWESOME and so cheap. I use the light rail like 3 times a week.

4. Some of THE NICEST people you’ll ever meet.

5. Voted the best biking city in America.

6. There is such an emphasis on the arts, with SO many theatres, art galleries, etc.

7. Beautiful city with all the lights of downtown, diversity of Cedar-Riverside, nature of Minnehaha, indie coffee shops and bookstores in the longfellow neighborhood, every single lake EVER, etc.

I could honestly talk about this city for so long.

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